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Proven Leadership
For a Better
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Leading Vision into Action

I understand how important it is to be at the table where I can influence policy and direct resources to achieve community priorities. As a Benton County resident, I love Benton County and care deeply about the health and sustainability of our diverse communities. Now is the time for me to get involved, use my proven leadership skills, experience and energy to serve our County.


  • Address housing affordability and capacity by collaborating with the Cities in the County on land-use and development regulations.

  • Invest in youth – address the childcare gap, invest in prevention and wellness programs.

  • Support Economic Development - work with our business and agriculture communities, education partners, and workforce groups to build a stable economy.

  • Address the underlying causes of homelessness - expand mental health & addiction services & the systems that support permanent, supported housing for long-term results.

  • Invest in youth and adult mental health and addiction treatment.

  • Enhance our justice system - provide a safe justice center that integrates behavioral health & case management for better outcomes.

  • Invest in emergency preparedness - help residents prepare and respond to the impact of climate change, including wildfire, heat and flooding.

​Proven Leadership

My track record of results shows that I am a person that gets things done with others to address complex issues

  • Opened a free dental clinic in 2008 inside the Boys & Girls Club to fill a gap for youth and pregnant people that solved a persistent problem of access to care.

  • Led the development of programs in financial literacy and job skills training for teens to address known contributors to inequity and intergenerational poverty.

  • Secured funding to build the Center for Youth Excellence, a project developed to fill the gap in teen programs and increase access to mental health support to address the tragic crisis of teen suicide.



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