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“Helen Higgins is an action-oriented leader who is committed to serving Benton County residents and workers.  When Covid-19 struck the county in 2020, Helen anticipated the need for all-day childcare for emergency and essential workers and pivoted the focus of the Boys & Girls Club services from after school, to full-day care to meet those needs. That effort required establishing operational protocols to ensure a safe environment for children and staff, as well as identifying additional funding to support the effort. This initiative resulted in providing essential employees of over 50 local businesses with a safe place for their children to go during the pandemic.  Benton County needs her leadership, vision, and creativity to address the challenges of the future.”


 - Jim Swinyard, Retired Benton County Sheriff


“I have worked with Helen in a number of community leadership roles for more than two decades.  Helen works to understand the root causes of a particular problem, explore best-practice solutions, and then advocate for how to best adapt those strategies locally.  She is passionate about the things she cares about, particularly related to providing opportunities for all children to be healthy and to thrive.  Helen is a tireless champion for Benton County and its residents.”


 - Julie Manning – Past Corvallis Mayor

“Innovator, collaborator, service heart - Helen addressed our County teen suicide crisis by integrating mental and medical health into the design of the Center for Youth Excellence teen center. We have witnessed her effective collaboration with other nonprofits and government entities in the development of sustainable community safety net services for County youth and teens. Helen is the right leader at the right time for Benton County.”

 - Tom & Debbie Gerding,  Philomath

“I endorse Helen Higgins for Benton County Commissioner. Helen is a force. She has gotten things done by an awareness of what’s important, good planning, engaging partners, writing grants and follow-through. Right now, people are focused on diversity, inclusion and equity. Helen has been living these tenets through her work for many years. She knows these are critical and the future demands that we do too.”


 - Anne Schuster, Retired Benton County Commissioner

"Helen is the epitome of selfless-service.  She is a fantastic leader with a commitment to serving youth and the community.  Her holistic approach is second-to-none, as she is able to see things from 30,000 feet down to the ground, unlike most senior leaders.  It is time for a leader like Helen to establish critical priorities and see them through.  In our Nation's toughest time, we must place the right people in leadership positions to effect lasting change.  Helen will roll up her sleeves and get to work day one!"

 - Chris Reese, Owner Southpaws Pizza and Sports Bar, North Albany

"I endorse Helen Higgin for Benton County Commissioner. Helen is both a visionary and an implementer. Most people have one skill or the other. It's the rare individual that can listen to different views and then take those views and develop them into a plan that gets results."

 - Michele Kellison, CPA, CFP

"Energetic Community Builder, bringing a Get It Done attitude, with Local Experience, Helping All in the Region."

 - Ed Junkins, MD, Former Corvallis City Councilor

“Helen Higgins is a proven, compassionate and driven leader. Helen deeply cares about the sustainability and health of the diverse communities of Benton County and will be a champion for them all."


 - Tarron Anderson - North Albany 

"I've been working with Helen for the past 12 years as a contractor and then a donor. We own a solar system on the Boys & Girls Club, installed a second one after getting grants and incentives, provided energy efficient lights for the Club that we built and installed. She  is always sharp as a tack, extremely articulate, eager to make the Club as efficient as possible, great to work with and would be a great asset to Benton County as a Commissioner."

 - Peter Greenberg, Owner - Energy Wise Services

Additional Supporters:

Alex Johnson II

Stacie Wyss-Schoenborn

Hyatt Lyttle

Severn Williams

Peggy Joyce

Bob Heald

Jeff Davis

Liz Doyle

Carol Lee Woodstock

Peter Leung

Dawn & Steve Duerksen

Rich Carone

Pete & Alice Bober

Mark Yeager

Patty & Rob Humphrey

Bill Mercer

Melissa Goff

Anthony Thompson

Tony VanVliet

Andrea Thornberry

Carol & Ken Trueba

Samantha Garcia

John Barlow

Jamie Ely

James Kaech

Carol Kronstad

Laura King

Tom Brookes

Jodell Boyle

Jane Peterson

Stacy Mellem

Linda Ramsey

Lainey Morse & Sean Scorvo

Todd & Amy Nystrom

Jane Peterson

Mary Brauti

Dick & Doris Waring

Tom & Colleen Elliott

Stephanie Mehlenbacher

Kay Dawson

Gerry Perrone

Carolyn Nichols

Dawn & Steve Duerksen

Anthony Thompson

Loretta Johnson

Janet Wershow

Donna Willams

Lorena Reynolds

Gerry Kosanovic

Allen Underkofler

Ben Danley

Chuck Crowe

Larry Plotkin

Paul Neitfeld

Scott Newsham

Paul Goodmonson

Tony & Gail VanderHeide

Lee Strandberg

Kim Schlessinger

Doug Boysen

Alan Lanker

Bryan Lake


Frank Heresco

Raymond Leeson

Micky & Steve Shields

Eija & William Emmingham

Pam Edinger

Kevin Bogatin

Rob Emmons & Paige Cannon

Carolyn Higgins

Holly Higgins

Casey Higgins

Ryan Higgins

Paul Zech

Deborah Artis

Amanda & Grant Garcia

Laura Orth

Craig Hendrickson

Lyle & Sharon Hutchens

Roger & Judy Rosenthal

Mark & Marcela Henkels

Debbie Palmer & Ken Eklund

Stella Athon

Nick & Sandra Houtman

Neil and Dayle Christensen

John & Shirley Byrne

Nancy Kerkvleit

Wendy & Tom Phelps

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